Cosmetic Gum Procedures in Warren, NJ

While improving teeth is a major focus in cosmetic dentistry, gums play an important part in esthetics as well. Gums can greatly affect an individual’s appearance, either by making teeth look too small, too large, or uneven. Treatments to adjust the appearance of gums, whether you need to restore health or contouring, can greatly improve your smile.

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Enhancing Your Dental Foundation

There are two major ways an individual’s gums can affect their appearance: either by having too much or not enough. Issues like exposed tooth roots or a gummy smile can contribute to a poor esthetic. Treatments to adjust the height of the gums are available at our periodontal office in Warren, NJ.

Excessive Gum Tissue

Also known as having a gummy smile, too much gum tissue can make teeth appear small or uneven by hiding a visible portion of the tooth. A gummy smile can affect an individual’s appearance and warrant the need for crown lengthening to achieve a well-balanced smile.

For those considering contouring with treatment involving restorations like veneers and crowns, our team coordinates with a trusted general dentist whenever necessary.

Not Enough Gum Tissue

Gums recede over time as a result of gingivitis or other oral health factors, exposing the root and sometimes causing darkness below the crown. Additionally, those with implants risk exposing the titanium posts, thus affecting the overall appearance of their smile.

To combat this, Dr. Ginsburg can easily apply several methods of lengthening the gums, including both the pin-hole technique and traditional gum grafting.

  • Gum grafting utilizes material from either a self-issued donor site or a synthetic replacement to repair the gums using a patching method.
  • The pin-hole technique is a new method of extending gums and shortening the length of a crown by creating a pin-sized hole high on the gums and stretching the gum.

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