Meet Our Warren, NJ Periodontist

Tracy Ginsburg, DMD

NJM: What is the focus of your practice?

I treat gum disease, periodontal disease. We do bone grafting, tissue grafting, implants, and extractions. We treat gum recession and the gummy smile.

NJM: What technology has changed patient care in recent years?

Computer-guided surgery. If a patient is missing all of his or her teeth or multiple teeth, we can do a digital CT scan of the gums and coordinate with the general dentist as to the position we want the implants to be in. We can actually simulate the surgery on the computer beforehand. Once that information is approved by both the general dentist and me, it can be e-mailed to a lab where a surgical guide is made. A surgical guide is an appliance that is placed in the mouth during the surgery and has little sleeves that mark the exact position and angulation for the implants. It’s 100 percent customized for that patient and allows us to very quickly and very precisely place the implants.

NJM: What are your favorite activities outside the office?

I like to exercise and plan out healthy meals for my family. I am very into sustainable, organic foods. We don’t eat anything processed in my house. Everything is homemade.

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